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《 수능 영단어 2 》

[ appall ]  v, to make someone feel very shocked or upset; 오싹하게 하다, 질겁하게 하다;

ex) The way we kill animal appalls a lot of people.

     The decision to execute the two men has appalled many politicians.

     She was appalled, probably thinking I`d been raised by wolves in a forest.

[ convince ]  v, to make someone feel certain that something is true; to persuade someone to do something; = persuade; 확신시키다, 설득하다;

ex) Baker had to convince jurors that his client had been nowhere near the scene       of the murder.

     The officials were eager to convince us of a safety of the nuclear reactors.

     He returned to the pitching form he had used successfully in college, sweated       for months to get into better shape and convinced himself he had to be as        hungry for success as ever.

[ expose ]  v, show to show something that is usually covered or hidden; to something dangerous to put someone in a situation where they are not protected from something dangerous or unpleasant; tell the truth to show the truth about someone or something, especially when it is bad; 드러내다, 폭로하다, 노출시키다;

ex) Potatoes turn green when exposed to light.

     The report revealed that workers had been exposed to high levels of radiation.

     The film expose the utter horror of war.

     UNICEF reported that Korean children are the most exposed to "death by           traffic accidents" among OECD countries.

[ stumble ]  v, to hit your foot against something or put your foot down awkwardly while you are walking or running, so that you almost fall; = trip; 발부리가 걸리다, 비틀거리며 걷다;

ex) In her hurry she stumbled and spilled the milk all over the floor.

     As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled upon a wallet someone had        lost in the street.

[ crumple ]  v, to crush something so that it becomes smaller and bent or to be crushed in this way; if your face crumples, you suddenly look sad or disappointed, as if you might cry; 구기다, 구김살 투성이로 만들다;

ex) Dan tore the page out, crumpled it, and threw it in the wastepaper basket.

     But the wallet contained only three dollars and a crumpled letter that seemed       to be there for years.

[ suspicious ]  adj, thinking that someone might be guilty of doing something wrong or dishonest; feeling that you do not trust something; 신용하지 않는, 의심스러운, 수상쩍은;

ex) Some of his colleagues at work became suspicious of his behaviour.

     His reluctance to answer my questions made me suspicious.

     She was always suspicious of strangers.

     However, pets mistreated by their owners can be suspicious of humans and        more likely to bite when they grow up, says a vet in Malaysia.

[ radiation ]  n, a form of energy that comes especially from nuclear reactions, which in large amounts is very harmful to living things; energy in the form of heat or light that is sent out as waves that you cannot see; 방사능, 복사에너지;

ex) An accident at the power station could result in large amounts of radiation          being released.

     Sun creams work by blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation.

     For example when radiation was first used to treating cancer, everyone             thought it was a perfect cure. But that brief proved to be wrong.

[ noble ]  adj, morally good or generous in a way that is admired; belong to the nobility; something that is noble is very impressive and beautiful;  숭고한, 고결한, 귀족의, 뛰어난, 값 비싼, 귀중한;

ex) It`s very noble of you to spend all your weekends helping the old folk.

     The Marquis would have to marry a woman of noble blood.

     Schubert spent his whole life in poverty, but he had one noble purpose in life.

[ drastic ]  adj, extreme and sudden; drastically adv, 격렬한, 맹렬한, 과감하게;

ex) Drastic changes are needed if environmental catastrophe is to be avoided.

     The size of the army was drastically cut.

     By living temporarily with Mike`s parents and drastically cut their leisure             expenses, they hoped to save enough money to buy a modest house in two        years.

[ inspire ]  v, to encourage someone by making them feel confident and eager to do something; to give someone the idea for something, especially a story, painting, poem; 격려하다, (사상․감정을) 불어넣다, 고취하다, 영감을 주다;

ex) We need someone who can inspire the team.

     I hope this success will inspire you to greater efforts.

     The story was inspired by a chance meeting with an old Russian duke.

     one of the duties of a teacher is to challenge and inspire pupils to help them       increase their knowledge and understanding.

[ scrub ]  v, to rub something hard, especially with a stiff brush, in order to clean; to decide not to do something that you had planned; = cancel; 북북 문지르다, (불순물)을 제거하다, 연기하다;

ex) She was on hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

     We scrubbed the idea in the end.

     After feeding my brother and me breakfast, she would scrub, mop, and dust       everything.

[ convertible ]  adj, a object that is convertible can be folded or arranged in a different way so that it can be used as something else; convert v, to change something into a different form of thing, or to change something so that it can be used for a different purpose or in a different way; 바꿀 수 있는, 개조할 수 있는, 변하게 하다, 전환하다;

ex) They converted the spare bedroom into an office.

     A car whose roof can be opened is called a convertible.