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[ define ]  v, to describe something correctly and thoroughly, and to say what standards, limits, qualities it has that make it different from other things; to show the edge or shape of something clearly; 정의를 내리다, (말의) 뜻을 명화히 하다, (경계, 범위를) 규정짓다; definite adj, clearly known, seen, or stated; = clear; a definite arrangement, promise will happen in the way that someone has said; 분명히 한정된, 명확한; definitely adv, without any doubt; = certainly; 명확히;

 ex) The duties of the post are difficult to define.

      The tasks will be clearly defined by the tutors.

      The bird has sharply defined black and rust marking.

      It`s impossible for me to give you a definite answer.

      We need to record sufficient data to enable definite conclusions to be


      The hotel fitness centre is definitely worth a visit.

      War and Peace in particular seems virtually to define this form for many

      readers and critics.


[ rational ]  adj, rational thoughts, decisions are based on reasons than emotions; able to make sensible judgments; 이성의, 합리적인;

 ex) Parents need to be fully informed so they can make a rational decision.

      I`m sure there is a rational explanation for all this.

      We were too shocked to think rationally.

      Just because an outspoken professor is chemist doesn`t mean that he is

      somehow completely unable to rationally analyze the data involved in

      coming to a decision on politics and world affairs.


[ stimulate ]  v, to encourage or help an activity to begin or develop further; to make a plant or part of the body become active or stronger; 자극하다, 격려하다, 흥분시키다;

 ex) Her interest in art was stimulated by her father.

      Light stimulates plants growth.

      In particular, I enjoy the way it runs through the various brass section

      themes, stimulating the listener`s ears until it finally breaks out into the

      epic guitar theme at the end.


[ dedicate ]  v to give all your attention and effort to one particular thing; to state in an official ceremony that a building will be given someone`s name in order to show respect for them; to use a place, time, money only for a particular purpose; 봉납하다, (생애, 시간을) 바치다, (토지 등을) 공공용으로 제공하다, 헌정하다; 

 ex) The actress now dedicates herself to children`s charity work.

      The book was dedicated to her husband.

      The company dedicated $50,000 for the study.

      The victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research

      organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions

      to transportaion problems.


[ litter ]  v, if things litter an area, there are a lot of them in that place, scattered in an untidy way; if an animal such as a dog or cat litters, it gives birth to babies; (방안 등을) 어질러 놓다, 흩뜨리다, (동물 등이) 새끼를 낳다;   

 ex) clothes littered the floor.

      The desk was littered with papers.

      Recent business news has been littered with stories of companies


      Not littering and recycling can help reduce pollution and make the

      environment more beautiful and safer for people and animals.


[ hitch ]  v, to get free rides from the drivers of passing cars by standing at the side of the road and putting a hand out with the thumb raised; to move a piece of clothing you are wearing so that it is higher than it was before; to get married; to lift yourself into a higher position by pushing with your hands; to fasten an animal to something with wheels so that the animal can pull it forwards; (말, 소 따위를) 매다, 끌어당기다, 결혼시키다;  

 ex) He plans to hitch right round the coast of Ireland.

      She hitched her skirt above her knees and knelt down.

      They got hitched without telling their parents.

      Gail hitched herself up onto the high stool.

      I hitched up the horse and drove out into the fields.

      When I did get him hitched up to plow, he would just take off and I would

      have a hard time controlling him.

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