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[ sensible ]  adj, reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment; suitable for a particular purpose, and practical rather than fashionable; 분별있는;  sensitive  adj, easily upset or offended by events or things that people say; easily affected or damaged by something such as a substance or temperature; 민감한;  sensual  adj, relating to the feelings of your body rather than your mind; interested in or making you think of physical pleasure, especially sexual pleasure; 관능적인;

 ex) Throughout her carrer she remained very sensitive to criticism.

      Older people tend to be very sensitive to cold.

      Increasing numbers of people are sensitive to cow`s milk.

      It`s sensible to keep a note of your passport number.

      A sensitive person is easily upset, or understands other people`s feelings when they

      are upset.

      It was quite sensible of you to bring your umbrella.


[ comparative ]  adj, comparative comfort/freedom/wealth comfort that is quite good when compared to how comfortable, free, or rich something or someone else is; = relative; comparative study/analysis a study that involves comparing something to something else; comparative beginner/newcomer someone who is not really a beginner but who seems to be one when compared to other people who have lived or worked somewhere for a long time; 비교의, 다른 것과 비교의 경우의, 상대적인; 

comparable  adj, similar to something else in size, number, quality, so that you can make a comparison; being equally important, good, bad; 비견되는, 필적하는;

 ex) She didn`t  want to leave the comparative safety of the shelter.

      He started a comparative study of the US and British steel industries.

      After living here five years, we`re still considered comparative newcomers.

      The planet Pluto is comparable in size to the moon.

      His poetry is hardly comparable with Shakespeare`s.

      She`s carrying out a comparative study of health care costs in four OECD countries.


[ considerable ]  adj, fairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be important; 상당한;  considerate  adj, always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful not to upset them; 사려깊은;

 ex) We`ve saved a considerable amount of money.

      Michael has already spent considerable time in Barcelona.

      The series has aroused considerable interest.

      He was always kind and considerate.

      It was very considerate of you to let us know you were going to be late.

      An evening fire at the library caused considerable damage to the second floor of the


      She was considerably younger than my father, and he was impressed to see soft,

      young hands folding the papery crinolines that he asked her out.


[ abundant ]  adj, something that is abundant exists or is available in large quantities so that there is more than enough; 풍부한;

 ex) The group was found to promote the use of low-technology solar cookers in area of the

      Third World where sunlight is abundant and fuel is scarce.


[ complicate ]  v, to make a problem or situation more difficult; to make an illness worse; 복잡하게 하다, 악화시키다;  complicated  adj, difficult to understand or deal with, because many parts or details are involved; = complex; 복잡한;

 ex) The situation is complicated by the fact that I`ve got to work late on Friday.

      For young children, getting dressed is a complicated business.

      Mental illness is a very complicated subject.

      The human brain is an incredibly complicated organ.

      Then the fork is switched back to the right hand to pick up the cut food. This sound like

      a complicated process, but in practice it is actually quite simple.


[ captive ]  adj, kept in prison or in a place that you are not allowed to leave; captive audience people who listen or watch someone or something because they have to, not because they are interested; captive market the people who must buy a particular product or service, because they need it and there is only one company selling it; 사로잡힌;

 ex) His son had been taken captive during the raid.

      Animals were cheap, and getting new ones was easier than providing the special diet

      and shelter necessary to keep captive animals alive.


[ notify ]  v, to formally or officially tell someone about something; = inform; 통지하다, 발표하다, 공시하다;

 ex) You will be notified of any changes in the system.

      In August we were notified that our article had been rejected.

      We notify you via email that your oder has been shipped and is on its way.


[ brutal ]  adj, very cruel and violent; not pleasant and not sensitive to people`s feelings; 냉혹한, 잔인한;

 ex) He replied with brutal honesty.

      If I `m brutal honest, I don`t like her dress.

      All of these encounters, some brutal and shocking, other more gradual, changed the

      way in which peoples in the Americas led their lives.