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[ beside ]  prep, next to or very close to the side of someone or something; in comparison with something or someone; be beside oneself to be feeling so angry, excited that you find it difficult to control yourself;  ~옆에, ~에 비해서, 제정신을 잃고;

 ex) Wendy came up and sat beside me.

      This year`s sales figures don`t look very good beside last year`s results.

      The children seemed tiny beside him.

      Mom and Dad will be beside themselves with worry.


[ besides ]  adv, prep, used when adding another reason; in addition to someone or something else that you are mentioning, besides doing something; ~외에도, 게다가;

 ex) People choose jobs for other reasons besides money.

      Besides myself, the only English people there were Keith and Doreen.

      Besides being heartbroken. she felt foolish.

      Besides what you`ve seen here, there are a lot of things you can enjoy seeing.


[ bear ]  v, support  to be under something and support it; baby  to give birth to a baby; deal with something  to bravely accept or deal with a painful, difficult, or upsetting situation; = stand; carry  to carry someone or something especially something important; have feeling  to have a particular feeling, especially a bad feeling; 지탱하다, 견디다, 운반하다, (아기를) 낳다, (원한, 악의를) 품다;

 ex) She was afraid she wouldn`t be able to bear the pain.

      Overcrowding makes prison life even harder to bear.

      Balck people continue to bear the brunt of most racial violence.

      My leg was painful, and I wasn`t sure it would bear my weight.

      She might never be able to bear children.

      The wedding guests arrived, bearing gifts.

      The US Constitution states that the people have a right to bear arms.

      It was accident. I don`t bear any grudges.


[ competent ]  adj, having enough skill or knowledge to so something to a satisfactory standard; 유능한;  competitive  adj, determined or trying very hard to be more successful than other people or businesses; relating to competition, products or prices that are competitive are cheaper than others but still of good quality; 경쟁의, 경쟁에 의한;

 ex) A competent mechanic should be able to fix the problem.

      I don`t feel competent to give an opinion at the moment.

      He is the only party leader competent enough to govern this country.

      Some US industires are not as competitive as they have been in the past.

      The team seems to have lost its competitive edge recently.

      Competitive sports encourage children to work together as a team.

      How will such as a small firm survive in the competitive world of business?


[ mementous ]  adj, a momentous event, change, or decision is very important because it will have a great influence on the future; 중요한, 중대한; momentary  adj, continuing for a very short time; = briefly; 순간의, 찰나의;

 ex) There was a momentary pause.

      His colleagues all recognized that this was a momentous occasion.


[ sustain ]  v, make something continue  to make something continue to exist pr happen for a period of time; = maintain; suffer  to suffer damage, an injury, or loss of money; give strength  to make someone feel strong and hopeful; weight  to hold up the weight of something; idea  to support an idea or argument, or prove that it is right; 떠받치다, 지탱하다, 견디다, 격려하다;

 ex) She found it difficult to sustain the children`s interest.

      He was incapable of sustaining close relationships with women.

      Two of the fire-fighters sustained serious injuries.

      The company has sustained heavy financial losses this year.

      The thought of seeing her again was all that sustained me.

      He leant against her so heavily that she could barely sustain his weight.

      The exhibition, "1492: An ongoing Voyage," examines the first sustained contracts

      between American people and European explorers, conquerors, and settlers from 1492

      to 1600.


[ remarkable ]  adj, unusual or surprising and therefore deserving attention or praise; 주목할 만한, 놀랄 만한;

 ex) It`s a remarkable achievement for the company.

      It is remarkable that women did not have the vote untill that time.

      His drawings are remarkable for their accuracy.

      one sunny summer afternoon, my wife and I were sitting in the garden with two friends.

      Their six-year-old son behaved remarkably well, playing quietly with his toys.


[ genuine ]  adj, a genuine feeling, desire is one that you really feel, not one you pretend to feel; = sincere; something genuine really is what it seems to be; = real; someone who is genuine is honest and friendly and you feel you can trust them; 진짜의,  성실한, 진심의, 찬된;

 ex) The reforms are motivated by a genuine concern for the disabled.

       We need laws that will protect genuine refugees.

       She is the most genuine person I`ve ever met.

       If you are searching for career assistance from a partner who takes a genuine interest

       in you, and in helping you locate and land that career of choice, then Greene

       Resources is here for you.


[ flexible ]  adj, a person, plan that is flexible can change or be changed easily to suit any new situation; something that is flexible can bend or be bent easily; 구부리기 쉬운, (사람, 성격 등이) 유순한, 다루기 쉬운, 융통성 있는;

 ex) We can be flexible about your starting date.

      The government needs a more flexible approach to education.

      once we complete the initial consulation and determine whether you are interested in

      working directly with one of our clients or looking for the flexibility of a contract position,

      you can rest assured that we will be hard at work matching you with the right career