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[ estimate ]  v, to try to judge the value, size, speed, cost of something, without calculating it exactly; 추정하다;

 ex) The tree is estimated to be at least 700 years old.

      Scientists estimate that smoking reduces life expectancy by around 12 years on


      It is not easy to estimate how many people have the disease.

      "I estimate that one-third of Asians have trouble sleeping and half of them consider the

      problem serious," says Dr. Marvin Chong, resident psychiatrist at Hospital Fatimah.


[ ban ]  v, to say that something must not be done, seen, used; = prohibit; 금지하다;

 ex) Smoking is banned in the building.

      Charlie`s been banned from driving for a year.

      a banned substance/drug (= a drug that people competing in a sport are not

      allowed to take because it improves their performance)

      The European Union banned all imports of poultry products and pet birds from Canada

      today after confirming a highly contagious outbreak of bird flu in one Canadian province.


[ evaluate ]  v, to judge how good, useful, or successful something is; = assess; 평가하다;

 ex) You should be able to evaluate your own work.

      We need to evaluate the success of the campaign.

      It can be difficult  to evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments.

      For thirty years, we have evaluated new technology to effectively deal with customer



[ occupation ]  n, a job or profession; when a large group of people enter a place and take control of it, especially by military force; a way of spending your time; = pastime; when someone lives or stays in a building or place; 직업, 점령, 거주, 점유, 오락;

 ex) Please state your name, address and occupation.

      under occupation The area is under occupation. (= controlled by a foreign army)

      one of my childhood occupations was collecting stamps.

      When the first scientists came to the region they found little evidence of human



[ convict ]  v, to prove or officially announce that someone is guilty of a crime after a trial in a law court; 유죄를 입증하다;

 ex) She was convicted of shoplifting.

      Ohio jurors must be at least eighteen years of age and they must not have lost their

      right to serve on a jury by having been convicted of certain types of crimes. Beyond

      that, everyone is given the opportunity to be a juror, regardless of age (if at least

      eighteen or occupation.


[ prune ]  v, to cut off some of the branches of a tree or bush to make it grow better; to make something smaller by removing parts that you do not need or want; 가지를 치다, 불필요한 부분을 제거하다;

 ex) The roses need pruning.

      The company is pruning staff in order to reduce costs.

      The original version of the text has been pruned quite a bit.

      Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon when it was not raining, he would work in the

      garden, mowing the lawn, tending the flower beds, pruning trees, growing vegetables,

      and harvesting fruit from all our fruit trees.


[ artery ]  n, one of the tubes that carries blood from your heart to the rest of your body; a main road, railway line, river; 동맥, 중추;

 ex) Doctors say to seek treatment if you feel as though you have the worst headache you

      have ever had. It could mean internal bleeding from a broken artery in the head.


[ assume ]  v, to think that something is true, although you do not have definite proof; = presume; assume control/responsibility to start to have control, responsibility or to start in a particular position or job; assume a manner/air/expression to behave in a way that dose not show how you really feel, especially in order to seem more confident, happy than you are; = put on; to start to have a particular quality or appearance; (증거는 없으나) 사실이라고 생각하다, (역할, 임무 등을) 맡다, (사람이 어떤 태도를) 취하다, ~인 체하다;

 ex) I didn`t  see your car, so I assumed you`d gone out.

      It seems reasonable to assume that the book was written around 70 AD.

      I think we can safely assume that interest rates will go up again soon.

      Whoever they appoint will assume responsibility for all financial matters.

      Andy assumed an air of indifference whenever her name was mentioned.

      The problem is beginning to assume massive proportions.

      Many people have assumed that things are the same "south of the border," with

      sometimes serious consequences.

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