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[ component ]  n, one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system; = constituent; 구성 요소, 성분;  adj, [ only before noun ] the component parts of something are the parts that it consists of; = constituent; 구성하는, 성분의;

 ex) Exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle.

      We`ve been breaking down the budget into its component parts.

      The ability to get along with people and adapt to different personalities and types of

      people we encounter is a key component of survival in the workplace.

      Missing the relationship component of a job can be led to unhappiness, which can

      make going to work every day misrable.


[ induce ]  v, to persuade someone to do something, especially something that does not seem wise; to make a woman give birth to her baby, by giving her a special drug; to cause a particular physical condition; 권유하다, 설득하여 ~을 시키다, 야기하다, 유도하다;

 ex) Nothing would induce me to vote for him again.

      She had to be induced because the baby was four weeks late.

      The doctor decided to induce labor.

      Patients with eating disorders may use drugs to induce vomiting.

      The gold rush transformed Austrailia`s destiny. Before it, people could scarcely be

      induced to settle there.


[ bulk ]  n, the main or largest part of something; a big mass or shape of something; the size of something or someone; in bulk if you buy goods in bulk, you buy large amounts each time you buy them; 대부분, 거대한 것, 크기, 부피;  adj, bulk buying/orders the buying of goods in large quantities at one time; 대량의;  v, bulk large to be the main or most important part of something; ~의 부피가 커지게 하다, 중요하게 보이다;

 ex) The bulk of consumers are based in towns.

      The dough will rise until it is double in bulk.

      The bulk of that growth was in Victoria, where the richest goldfields were.


[ regulate ]  v, to control an activity or process, especially by rules; to make a machine or your body work at a particular speed, temperature; 규제하다, 조절하다;

 ex) strict rules regulating the use of chemicals in food

      People sweat to regulate their body heat.

      Also more and more "demand pressure" is put on gasoline supplies, and as more taxes

      are added by the government to regulate usage, prices are rising dramatically.


[ postal ]  adj, relating to the official system which takes letters from one place to another; relating to sending things by post; go postal to become very angry and behave in a violent way; 우편의, 우체국의, 화난;

 ex) Candidates are chosen by a postal ballot of all party members.

      Housebound voters should register early for a postal vote.

      Like the postal service, the Internet allows who knows your Internet address to send

      you a letter.


[ constant ]  adj, happening regularly or all the time; staying the same; loyal and faithful; 일정한, 지속적인, 끊임없이 계속되는, 충실한;

 ex) There was a constant stream of visitors to the house.

      Amy lived in constant fear of being attacked.

      He kept in constant contact with his family while he was in Austrailia.

      The truck was travelling at a fairly constant speed.

      Some of these disadvantages are that the autos are expensive, are relatively slow, and

      require constant recharging.


[ muster ]  v, muster something up to get enough courage, confidence, support to do something, especially with difficulty; = summon; if soldiers muster, or if someone musters them, they come together in a group; = gather; (용기 등을) 불러 일으키다, 소집하다, 집합하다;

 ex) Finally I mustered up the courage to ask her out.

      Senator Newbolt has been trying to muster support for his proposals.

      "It`s going to be fine," replied David, with as much confidence as he could muster.

      In April 1185, he began to muster an army.

      If I passed muster at dinner, I would be asked to draw up a proposal to the culture

      ministry for a technical consultancy.


[ encompass ]  v, to include a wide range of ideas, subjects; to completely cover or surround something; 둘러싸다, 포위하다, 포함하다;

 ex) The study encompasses the social, political, and economic aspects of the situation.

      The houses encompassed about 100 square meters.

      Do not expect to encompass a symphony at first hearing. And do not be discouraged or

      feel guilty if, while listening to an unfamiliar symphony, your attention wanders.


[ frustrate ]  v, if something frustrates you, it makes you feel annoyed or angry because you are unable to do what you want; to prevent someone`s plans, efforts, or attempts from succeeding; 좌절시키다, ~을 방해하다, ..에게 좌절감을 일으키게 하다;

 ex) The fact that he`s working with amateurs really frustrates him.

      Their attempts to speak to him were frustrated by the guards.

      Are you frustrated to find that making your way to a movie house or concert hall in the

      evening rush hours is itself demanding?


[ serene ]  adj, very calm or peaceful; 잔잔한, 평온한;

 ex) The child`s face was serene and beautiful.

      It`s incredibly queit and serene on the grounds of the theater, tucked just a block away

      from City Hall, which is bustling with traffic around the clock.