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[ confine ]  v, limit  to keep someone or something within the limits of a particular activity or subject; = restrict; keep somebody in a place  to keep someone in a place that they cannot leave, such as a prison;  제한하다, 가두다

 ex) We confined our study to 10 cases.

      Owen didn`t confine himself to writting only one type of poem.

      Any soldier who leaves his post will be confined to barracks.

      He was allegedly confined in a narrow, dark room for two months.

      Moreover, the women that do play these games tend to do so as adjuncts to their male

      companions; they rarely touch the controls and are usually confined to the role of

      advisor or watcher.


[ alter ]  v, to change, or to make someone or something change; to make a peice of clothing longer, wider so that it fits; 변경하다, 바꾸다, (의복을) 고쳐 만들다; 

 ex) The city center has altered beyond recognition.

      Nothing can alter the fact that the refugees are our responsibility.

      She had the dress altered for the wedding.

      The shading effect of the dark, densely planted conifer trees, however, is altering water

      temperatures, causing a considerable decline in organism development in the streams.


[ refer ]  v, to mention or speak about someone or something; to look at a book, map, piece of paper for information; to send someone or something to a person or organization to be helped or dealt with; to tell someone where to find information; 언급하다, 참조하다, 위탁하다, 알아보도록 하다, 지시하다;  

 ex) We agreed never to refer to the matter again.

      He likes to be refered to as 'Doctor Khee'.

      He gave the speech without referring to his notes.