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* 능률 중학문법 1316 1권의 명사, 관사 부분 수업 마무리와 함께 학원 학습테스트를 위해 그 동안의 각학교 명사, 관사 관련 기출문제와 자체 제작한 문제입니다. 문제를 풀어보시다가, 의문이 있는 것엔 질문을 해주세요. 성실하게 답변 드리겠습니다. (특히 셀수 있는 명사와 셀수 없는 명사를 구별하셔야 하며, 셀수 없는 물질명사와 추상명사의 수량을 표시하는 법도 알아 두셔야 합니다. 관사에서는 a, the를 구별하시고, the를 사용하는 경우와 무관사 표현도 익숙하도록 하세요. )



1. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 수 없는 단어를 고르세요.

<보기> This is a           .

① pencil       ② water       ③ picture       ④ book       ⑤ desk  

2. 다음 중에서 틀린 문장을 고르세요.          여수중 2학기 중간

① He drinks a glass of juice.

② I bought a slice of bread.

③ She ordered a piece of coffee.

④ They want to buy a slice of cheese.

⑤ She wants to drink a glass of milk.  

3. 다음 문장의 빈칸에 알맞지 않은 단어는?

<보기> I have five              .

① desks     ② milks     ③ sisters     ④ eggs     ⑤ erasers

4. 다음 빈칸에 알맞은 말을 고르세요.          금성중 1학기 기말

<보기> There are          in the park.

① three cats        ② two mouses        ③ four wolfs 

④ three birdes      ⑤ five foxs.

5. 다음 글에서 틀린 부분을 고르세요.

Tom is going to have a party tonight with his ①friends. There will be

nine ②people. Tom went to the market to buy some ③food for the

party. When he came back home, ④three mans and two womans were

waiting for him in front of the door. And the other ⑤friends arrived

when they finished setting the table.

6. 밑줄 친 부분이 바른 것을 고르세요.

① He is your sons.              ② What are this?

③ This is my friends.            ④ Are these your apples?

⑤ She has so many pencil.

7. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 수 없는 것은?          입암중 1학기 중간

<보기> How many           do you want?

① flowers     ② knives     ③ money     ④ boxes     ⑤ tomatoes

8. 다음 글의 ①~⑤ 중 바르게 쓰인 것은?

Daniel and Jenny are my ①friend. They are Chinese ②student. And

Jenny is my ③roommates. Lots of ④students like them because they

are kind. We are very good ⑤friend.

9. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중에서 틀린 것을 고르세요.        중앙여중 2학기 중간

A : How ①manychilds do you ③have?

B : I have three ④sons and two ⑤daughters.

10. 다음 글에서 틀린 부분을 고르세요.          두산중 2학기 기말

Jessica has ①small ears, a small nose, and ②a big mouth. She also

has ③big blue eyes, ④long legs, and ⑤red hairs.

11. 다음 중 올바른 문장을 고르세요.

① I`m wearing glass.

② What kind of pant do you want?

③ She wants to buy red shoes.

④ Miki`s favorite subject is mathematic.

⑤ Did you find your scissor?

12. 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 바르게 쓰인 부분을 고르세요.

Mike : Sandra, what are you doing?

Sandra : Tomorrow is Sam`s birthday, so I`m making a ①cards for him.

Mike : Oh, what are you drawing?

Sandra : I`m drawing a ②cakes and ③candles.

Mike : It looks very pretty.

Sandra : Will you come to the party tomorrow?

Mike : Yes, I will. I`ll decorate the place with many ④balloon and some


Sandra : I can help you. What time will you go?

Mike : Thanks. I`ll be there by 5 o`clock.

13. 다음 괄호 안의 단어를 문맥에 맞도록 알맞게 바꾸세요.

When I was young, ten dollars (be) a lot of money for me.

14. 다음 두 문장의 뜻이 같도록 빈칸에 알맞은 말을 넣으세요.

ⓐ This jacket is Jane`s.

    = This is                   .  

ⓑ The building is my father`s.

    = It is my           building.

ⓒ That is my friend`s cellular phone.

    = That cellular phone is                   .

15. 다음 문장 중 어법상 옳은 것을 고르세요.          이매중 1학기 중간

① Is John student?

② Su-ji is a newspaper reporter.

③ Today is a second day of school.

④ My homeroom teacher is math teacher.

⑤ She looks a very honest.                   

16. 다음 중 틀린 문장을 고르세요.          여수중 2학기 중간

① They liked to help the poor.

② Could you do me a favor?

③ on Fridays I usually surf the Internet.

④ They enjoy playing the soccer.

⑤ They went to the airport by bus.

17. 다음 중 바르게 쓰인 문장은?            영남중 1학기 중간

① He has a dogs.              ② Is this your a ball?

③ My father is a very fat.       ④ Do you play piano?

⑤ Is she a teacher, too?

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