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[좋아하는 겨울영시42]Not Only the Eskimos by Lisel Mueller/에스키모인들에게만 해당되는 것이 아니라, 리즐 뮬러 작

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Helen's Scrapbook/좋아하는 영시

2020. 11. 23.



2020년 11월 21일 오후 눈이 쌓인 동네 숲길에서...




11월 들어서자 우리 동네는 완연한 겨울로 돌아섰다.

거기다가 첫눈이 30 cm 이상 퍼부어서

하루아침에 설국으로 돌변해 버렸다.

눈이 내린 후 며칠 영하 15도를 오가다가

어저께 기온이 영상 1도까지 올라가서 주저 없이 옷을 껴 입고 산책에 나섰다.




아무도 없는 조용한 숲길을 걸으면서

에스키모인들에겐 눈이라는 단어가 자그마치 52개가 있다고 한다.

그만큼 눈과 그네들의 삶이 밀접한 관계가 있다는 것을 잘 알 수 있다.

그래서 2시간 동안 약 10 km를 눈길을 걸으면서

눈을 몇 가지로 구분할 수 있을지 행복한 상상을 하면서

이미 예전에 포스팅한 리즐 뮬러 작의 'Not Only the Eskimos'를

다신 한번 감상해 본다.






Not Only the Eskimos

by Lisel Mueller




We have only one noun
but as many different kinds:








the grainy snow of the Puritans
and snow of soft, fat flakes,








guerrilla snow, which comes in the night
and changes the world by morning,








rabbinical snow, a permanent skullcap
on the highest mountains,








snow that blows in like the Lone Ranger,
riding hard from out of the West,








surreal snow in the Dakotas,
when you can't find your house, your street,
though you are not in a dream
or a science-fiction movie,








snow that tastes good to the sun
when it licks black tree limbs,
leaving us only one white stripe,
a replica of a skunk,









unbelievable snows:
the blizzard that strikes on the tenth of April,
the false snow before Indian summer,
the Big Snow on Mozart's birthday,
when Chicago became the Elysian fields
and strangers spoke to each other,





paper snow, cut and taped
to the inside of grade-school windows,








in an old tale, the snow
that covers a nest of strawberries,
small hearts, ripe and sweet,








the special snow that goes with Christmas,
whether it falls or not,








the Russian snow we remember
along with the warmth and smell of our furs,
though we have never traveled
to Russia or worn furs,








Villon's snows of yesteryear,
lost with ladies gone out like matches,
the snow in Joyce's "The Dead, "
the silent, secret snow
in a story by Conrad Aiken,
which is the snow of first love,








the snowfall between the child
and the spacewoman on TV,








snow as idea of whiteness,
as in snowdrop, snow goose, snowball bush,








the snow that puts stars in your hair,
and your hair, which has turned to snow,








the snow Elinor Wylie walked in
in velvet shoes,









the snow before her footprints
and the snow after,









the snow in the back of our heads,
whiter than white, which has to do
with childhood again each year.







한글 번역은 이미 포스팅한 적이 있지만,

잠시 후, 준비가 되는대로 소개할게요.