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Minimize Your Carb Consumption

"Stay away from processed, sugary junk food, and even things like fruit juice," says Michael Mountain,

author of Ultimate Fat Loss Solution. Stick to protein,

which increases metabolism by 30 percent for up to 12 hours,

whereas carbs and fat increase metabolism by 4 percent for less than one hour.

And don't forget fiber--it binds with metabolized fat and removes it from the body

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Use Olive Oil

Believe it or not, some oil is good for weight loss.

Olive oil is a healthy fat, which actually "turns on" your metabolism and helps you burn more body fat,

according to Eric Broser, professional bodybuilder and Planet Muscle Magazine columnist....

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Give Your Body a Detox

"A seasonal detox is an effective way to clear toxins out of one's system to speed up metabolism

and to enhance overall health," says Matt Dower, spa director of the award-winning Mirbeau Inn & Spa,

which offers a do-it-yourself detox for those who seek to continue its health benefits at home after their visit.

Just be careful to avoid extreme detox diets that can do more harm than good.

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Drink, Drink, and Drink Some More

Water really does a body good, as will other healthy drinks.

"Drink lots of fluids," says Ariane Hundt, a New York City-based personal trainer and nutritionist.

"A dehydrated body will slow its metabolism and increase hunger and sluggishness."

Hundt suggests detox teas (by Yogi Tea or Traditional Medicinals, for instance).

You can also substitute your sugar-filled soft drink with soda water that has no flavor.

They'll give you an energy boost without making you crash.

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And Drink Water with Lemon

Cheryl Wheeler Duncan, a detoxification expert, certified nutritionist, and Hollywood stuntwoman,

recommends you drink a tall glass of lukewarm water with a half or whole lemon squeezed in it and fiber.

She does so every morning. "The digestive enzymes in the lemon, plus the fiber,

will get your metabolism and digestive system moving

so you are easily digesting anything you eat later that day," she adds.

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Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently

You've heard this one before, but it's worth repeating!

Eating smaller meals more often throughout the day can help fire up your fat-burning furnace.

Susie Akers, director at the Aamoth Family Pediatric Wellness Center at MetroHealth

and gastroenterology dietitian, recommends you consume at least three to four times a day

instead of only one to two times to keep your metabolism up and avoid ...