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Brilliant Inventions That Only Exist In Japan

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2020. 8. 23.


Remote Control Mop


Mini Washing Machine


Push Notification Glasses


Bath Pillow/Smartphone Holder


Walking Fridge

A fridge that comes when called. $5,000*


Selfie Stick With Integrated Mic


Noodle-Cooling Fan Chopsticks


Nose Straightener


Toe stretcher


Square Watermelon


Umbrellas With Color-Changing

Moisture-Activated Prints


Translating Smart Mask

A mask that translates language. $50*


Umbrella Hat


Portable Toilet Sound Blocker

A device to mask embarrassing toilet sounds. $35*


Mop Shoe Covers


Air Conditioned Clothing


Flying Umbrella


Umbrella With a View


Wrap Shoes


Cooling Sprays and Lotions


Robot Food Servers


Plus Minus Zero Reflect Heater


Sweat Absorbing Accessories


Waterproof Book Cover


Easy-Access Moving Truck


Turning Train Seats


Doshisha Neck Heater


White Goat Paper Recycler

A machine to turn office paper into toilet paper $100,000*


Canned-Food-Only Bar


Fan Without Blades


Easy-Open Soda Tabs


Capsule Beds


Diagonal Pedestrian Crossing


Portable Ashtray