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    After 3 years and 7 months you've returned to the entertainment world. What did you do during that period of time?

    [Sunmi] For the first half of 2010, I returned to Pohang and took the High School GED test, preparing the fundamentals needed to entering University. After studying hard, I was admitted to Dongguk University School of Drama's 11th batch as a freshman. I also made friends with other university students and hung out a lot with them as well. During middle and high school, I wasn't able to spend much time in school so when I entered university, I was able to look at things objectively and also ponder about the things that insufficient. Right now I'm on a temporary absence from school

    Have you been to a meeting? (Meeting is like group dating with a group of single women and single guys organise a meeting, with the objective of finding a dating partner)

    [Sunmi] Not even once. I have never heard suggesting that idea to me before. When I just started school my classmates and teachers 

    Because of the image I have on TV, when I just started school my classmates and teachers was behaving with discretion and they only felt that I was feminine. However, after they found out about my free and easy personality, even my male classmates think of me as their male friends. haha. Oh, and when my classmates got the news of my return as a solo artist, they sent many supportive messages, so I'm really thankful for that.

    What was the reason for stopping as Wonder Girls, when Wonder Girls was at it's peak?

    [Sunmi] I was 18yrs old then. Wonder Girls was constantly running breathlessly then. All of a sudden, the dance and song that I started liking so much, I felt a machine just doing repetitive work. Despite accomplishing my dream of becoming a singer, I hated myself that was unable to be thankful nor be modest about it. So I thought that I had to take some time to look back on myself. Up till now, I'm thankful to the Wonder Girls members who have respected my decision. However, I never once thought of stopping being a singer completely. Also, full fledged training resumed in 2011. During that time I worked hard to make up for the parts that I was lacking in.

    When it was made known that you are making a return, there was an explosive reaction. How do you feel about it?

    [Sunmi] Actually, I was worried that about whether people would carry interest for "Solo Sunmi", instead of "Wonder Girls' Sunmi". But after the news was made known, there was a hot response so I'm really thankful. I also felt that I have a lot of responsibility. 

    When did the discussion on your Solo debut begin?

    [Sunmi] It was in December last year when the idea of debuting as an solo artist was mentioned. Park Jinyoung PD said, that he has this idea in his head, so he picked me out and talked to me about debuting as an solo artist. After returning to full fledged training in 2011, I constantly sent videos of my dance and singing practices to Park Jinyoung PD, and it seemed like he liked that attitude. In March this year, Park Jinyoung PD said that he wrote a song and sent it to me saying, 'As long as you are ready, you can come out with this song'. The recording of the song and etc. begun in July. I'm also really thankful to Park Jinyoung PD for giving me so much concern this time.

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