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    From the teaser images of your solo debut song, '24hours is not enough', wearing a body suit showing a sexy image.

    [Sunmi] During Wonder Girls we wasn't able to challenge the sexy concept fully as well. But this time around, the concept was not burdensome. I didn't think that it was too much because I'm just simply showing the sexiness of my age. Of course, as this is my first attempt at it, it felt unfamiliar at first but after thinking that it is just an addition on top of my current image, I felt at ease.

    I was informed that you would be performing with your bare feet and bodysuit on stage. 

    [Sunmi] If I were to wear high heels together with my body suit, it would look too mature so I flimed the music video barefooted, henceforth it is planned the same on stage. Standing onstage with my barefeet, I thought that it would also give off the impression of a ballerina. Oh, there is a part when I lift my legs on against the male dancer, if I were to wear high heels, it seems like he could get hurt in the process, so I decided to be barefooted. haha.

    The song '24hours is not enough' is already being compared with Park Jiyoon's 'Adult Ceremony' that was released back in year 2000.

    [Sunmi] Being compared to senior, Park Jiyoon and words saying, '2013 Version Adult Ceremony' itself is a huge honor to me but it is also a burden. Because 'Adult Ceremony' was such a successful song. I recently watch senior, Park Jiyoon's 'Adult ceremony' performance, although there are similarities with '24hours is not enough' but I also discovered the differences. The similarities is that, they both are not a fully matured woman, despite being immature and pure there is a part where it is sexy. I think that there are many differences in these 2 songs, the song itself and the performance.

    The reason behind the title, '24hours is not enough' and dance concept.

    [Sunmi] Like, the is a song about a woman who properly falls in love after becoming an adult, and as she has that constantly desire to be with that guy, therefore the title was decided as '24hours is not enough'. The dance as a whole, there is a lot of waves and also booty pops. The point of the dance is that there is a slight possibility of it being sexual but I put an effort to control excessive expressions.

    In relation with, '24hours is not enough', your plans from now on?

    [Sunmi] First, on the 20th the music video of '24hours is not enough' will be released. From the 22nd to 25th continuously, I will take part in Mnet 'M Countdown', KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', MBC 'Show! Music Core', SBS 'Inkigayo'. on the 26th, the digital single will be released officially. As I want people to enjoy the performance and music together, in addition to the music video release, I decided to take part in music shows before the official release of the digital sing. 

    It has been almost 4 years since your last participation in a music show

    [Sunmi] Recently, not even once, have I seen any singers that are promoting right now. I thought that I would have to adapt myself quickly. I was also worried that I might get nervous from having to perform in such a long while. This is my first time going solo, I feel like I'm restarting as a rookie again.

    The feeling between debuting into the entertainment industry as an first generation member of Wonder Girls roughly 6 years ago and the announcement of your new song right now must be very different. 

    [Sunmi] I treasure the song and stage a lot more now. When I really like something earnestly, even when I have it in my hands no matter how much I like it it would turn dull. But if it were to be taken away, you would feel the weight of it's importance of it more. For someone who is restarting to become a singer again, that is exactly what I feel like right now.

    Did your Wonder Girls colleagues give you a lot of support?

    [Sunmi] Wonder Girls' Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye unnies gave me a lot of support and actually helped me a lot as well. Yeeun and Yubin unnie watched the basic dance choreography of '24hours is not enough' and gave advise on what else should be added to it. That's why the contemporary dance element was filled in. Yubin unnie not only helped in the flow & ideas for the music video but also the selecting of the costume. After showing the music video filming to Sohee, she said 'It's pretty and the song is good'. Hyelim as expected "the song is good".

    There are also a lot of fans who are curious about whether or not you will return to Wonder Girls.

    [Sunmi] It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but we(Wonder Girls) are really like family. The way we think about each other is very affectionate. As I am about to make a solo debut now, as it is this kind of situation, whether or not I will return to Wonder Girls it is correct to say, 'Yes' or 'No'. But if a good opportunity is found, I would still want to do it together(as Wonder Girls).

    Your future plans and resolutions

    [Sunmi] It's been 3 years and 7 months since, in future given the opportunity I would like to meet my fans often continuously. Also I want to construct my very own color. Standing infront of the public after a long duration of absence, with time I would like to show the things that I have learnt during that period of absence, one by one, and I hope to live up to the expectations. Oh! With '24hours is not enough', just as much as '24hours is not enough, I hope to receive love and just as much as '24hours is not enough', I hope to be busy. haha

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