Video streaming with SP and SI frames(streaming-SP, streaming-SI)

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2012. 2. 17.



SP and SI frames are new picture types introduced in the latest video coding standard H.264.

They allow driftfree bitstream switching and can also be used for error-resilience and random access.

We investigate the benefits of SI and SP frames for error resilience as compared to periodic I frame insertion.

We discuss the rate-distortion performance of SI and SP frames based on empirical rate-distortion

curved obtained with our implementation of an SP/SI frame encoder.

Experiments carried out over a simulated bandwidth-limited network analyze the influence of loss rate and

delay on the congestion-rate-distortion performance of streaming with SI and SP frames.
Our results help identify scenarios for which SI and SP frames provide an attractive alternative to streaming
with I frames.


Video streaming with SP and SI frames.pdf