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Tz-티지 2012. 5. 4. 16:46

The other end of the spectrum

Wow, some nice machines on this list! I’m not sure if mine qualifies, but I have done some light touring with my raw Sprint ST. The longest day in the saddle was just above the 600 mile mark, and yup, I walked like a cowboy for a day afterwards! 



The bike started off life fully–faired and at the 650 mile mark was dumped by the owner (a new rider) and subsequently garaged for 7 years. I bought it from him cheap, changed the oil at his place, removed a mouse nest from the air box, wrapped some new tires on the rims and she’s been running like a champ since!


Some of my changes to the bike:
The headlight, fly-screen, footpegs, and hand guards are from various Buell bikes. The passenger footpeg brackets are early RS ones (higher than the ST pieces), gauge housing is a Speed Triple unit. Otherwise I gave her the usual Sprint upgrades: 18T sprocket, stiffer front springs, hugger, heated grips, late model calipers (with non-sticking pistons), suzuki master cylinder, lighter and louder exhaust, comfortable seat etc.


It’s been a lot of fun to ride and wrench...