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Battery Revive machine

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2011. 6. 19.

Following restoration, and performance test battery performance designed and built its own system the domestic and international supply while you are.
Purposes, in use, is available to you at
  Uses: standard of charge, the charge to restore performance (using to standard Chage, performance recovery, mainternance charge)
 Target: All lead acid battery  for car battery, battery golf car, industrial, marine,ups.




Key Features


battery recovery

1. Battery Cell for each of the characteristics of the pole plate, the electrolyte for maximum activation, Fuzzy Algorithm proprietary technology.
2. Internal battery performance issues when you restore the fuzzy algorithm to analyze the effect
3. Overcharge protection by Fuzzy Control
4. Sulfates (PBSO4, sulfation) to detect the presence of the applied fuzzy.
5. Sulfates to remove the existing modify pulse methods faster than the speed detection and electrolyte reduction technique that applies a unique spreading
6. Similar to the performance by the pulse to restore and verification of active pole plate, the electrolyte of the value of active management of the proprietary technology.
7. Function is 3Step (Automatic 2step or 1step) Restore Performance by
8. Charged with suppression of the heat generated to minimize the gas, minimizing electrolyte loss

Support Spec : 30AH~280Ah,6v,8v,10v,12v Battery
power Source : 220v 50/60hz(or 100v~120v,50/60hz,factory set)
Use, according to the SPEC-minute design changes are possible only





Usage: Reserve capacity measurements (AH, RC mesurement), then restore the performance of performance measurement, performance  restoration with health,, and courteous to specify the charge-discharge


Key Features


Battery Test

  1.RC (Reserve capacity) values, AH values and 0cr(0% charge rate) measured, Max 380W

   * RC to measure the performance of the current verification purposes and the remaining  life    prediction is to
 2. The restoration process for discharge
 3. End users to verify the validity of the charge percentage for the 0% (0 charge rate) used to  measure the time

4.Available any time measurement of the charge rate to(0cr(0% charge rate)

5. End users of the virtual test conditions, voltage, current, discharge time measurement
  Apply battery: 6v, ~ 15v battery

6.power Source : 220v 50/60hz(or 100v~120v,50/60hz,factory set)


Packing Information
    X-Charger  size:d=390,w=345,h=320, weight:7.6kg
    X-Tetser    size:d=390,w=345,h=320, weight:8.1kg
    Other :floating type gravity gage: size:d=390,w=345,h=320, weight:3kg


our contact point:82-31-981-5233 in korea, biz_batt@k-greenlife.com www.K-GreenLife.com

      If did you have a any question then Pls give me e-mail about technical.business,co-operation. 
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