Faithfully - Journey

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좋은 음악과 글

2020. 3. 25.

고속도로를 질주하여 한밤중에도 지지않는 태양을 향해 달려갑니다.

바퀴는 돌고 돌아도/ 당신은 항상 내 마음속에 있습니다.

쉬임없는 마음으로/오늘밤도 홀로 잠들지만

내 사랑 전부를 당신에게/ 전화로나마 전합니다 .............

써커스 같은 인생/ 커다란 천막같은 세상에서

우리에겐 광대가 필요하지요

우리들에게 웃음을 주는 ............






Highway run into the midnight sun

Wheels go round and round

You`re on my mind

Restless hearts sleep alone tonight

Sending all my love along the wire


They say that the road ain`t no place to start a family

Right down the line It`s been you and me

And loving a music man ain`t always What it`s supposed to be


Oh girl you stand by me

I`m forever your Faithfully


Circus life under the big top world

We all need the clowns to make us smile

Through space and time always another show

Wondering where I am lost without you

And being apart ain`t easy on this love affair


Two strangers learn to fall in love again

I get the joy of rediscovering you

Oh girl you stand by me I`m forever yours

Faithfully Oh~~ Faithfully

I`m still yours I`m forever your`s

Ever your`s Faithfully