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World Book at NASA for Students

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Welcome to World Book @ NASA for Students! We are proud to present a group of articles from World Book encyclopedia on the NASA Web site. NASA and World Book are working together to provide World Book content with information about space and Earth science, aeronautics and space exploration subjects.

The articles on this page bring out-of-this-world concepts down to Earth. They are perfect for students doing research or for anyone who would just like to learn more about the world -- and universe -- around us.

A hazy view of the atmosphere as seen from space showing clouds and a curve of light Air A large fuel truck in front of an aircraft Fuel A part of the Antarctic ozone hole Ozone
A jet flies upward in front of a mountain Airplane Image of a spiral galaxy Galaxy An artist's conception of a close-up view of planets Jupiter and Saturn Planet
A view of an astronaut standing next to the lunar module on the moon Neil Armstrong Drawing of Galileo Galilei Galileo An artist's conception of Pluto with one of its moons, Charon Pluto
The cratered surface of an asteroid Asteroid A glacier between snow-capped mountains Glacier A photo of Sally Ride Sally Ride
A close-up view of an astronaut wearing a spacesuit while in space Astronaut A sky diver falling toward the ground Gravity A NASA K-10 robot Robot
The Hubble Space Telescope floats against a black and red background Astronomy Diagram showing how some of the sun's heat enters and is trapped in Earth's atmosphere Greenhouse Effect A rocket launch Rocket
The wispy green haze of the aurora as seen from space Aurora Image of Halley's comet traveling through space Halley's Comet A small moon passes through the shadow of Saturn's rings Satellite
Three bright white stars form an arch in the dark blue sky Big and Little Dippers Cartoon drawing of Stephen Hawking beside an image of a black hole Stephen Hawking Planet Saturn Saturn
Aqua green waves swirl around a single white dot surrounded by a black circle Black Hole Image of Earth's Eastern Hemisphere Hemisphere A model of a molecule Science
Pale orange storm clouds with rain streaking in front of them Climate Close-up photo of a hurricane from above the storm Hurricane A tree with orange leaves Season
Large, fluffy cumulus clouds as seen from above Clouds The symbol for hydrogen from a periodic table of the elements Hydrogen Astronaut Alan Shepard Alan Shepard
A blend of magenta, purple and black that represents heat Combustion Photo of an iceberg Iceberg The sky with clouds Sky
A bright white comet streaks across a black sky Comet Close-up photo of the red spot on Jupiter Jupiter An artist's conception of the sun and of two planets in orbit Solar System
Six bright stars stand out in a field of many stars on a purple background Constellation Image of land with lines of longitude and latitude Longitude A sun halo during a solstice Solstice
A stone statue of Copernicus Nicolaus Copernicus Photo of the surface of Mars Mars A space shuttle orbiter with lines representing shock waves during a sonic boom Sonic Boom
A large swirling storm as seen from space Cyclone Close-up view of the planet Mercury Mercury The South Pole surrounded by an icy sea South Pole
A view from space as day fades into dark night over a cloudy region Day and Night Image of a meteor streaking through the night sky Meteor A computer graphic of a spacecraft orbiting above Earth Space Exploration
The blue sea and swirling white clouds of Earth Earth Image of the Milky Way galaxy Milky Way Several stars and space dust Star
A small crescent of white and a bright white ring of an eclipse Eclipse Photo of various minerals Mineral Close-up ultraviolet view of the sun Sun
Bright yellow light shoots out of the center of a large cloud of dust in space Einstein Drawing of Maria Mitchell looking through a telescope Maria Mitchell Artist's conception of the Spitzer Space Telescope Telescope
A brightly color coded periodic table of elements Elements Photo of the U.S. flag on the moon Moon Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
The tall smokestacks of a power plant Energy Close-up view of a compass Navigation Close-up of a tornado Tornado
Close-up view of an EJ22 aircraft engine Engine Close-up view of Neptune's 'Great Dark Spot' Neptune A close-up view of the Sombrero Galaxy Universe
Close-up view of a globe where the equator goes through South America Equator Image of Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton A photo of the planet Uranus Uranus
Water vapors rising from a puddle Evaporation Portion of globe showing the North Pole covered by ice North Pole A volcano on Venus Venus
Arrows point to the equator showing how the sun's rays shine directly at Earth's equator during an equinox Equinox The sun with the planets and their orbits Orbit A section of a weather map Weather
Close-up view of a neutron star explosion Force The symbol for oxygen from a periodic table of the elements Oxygen